Pratica l’inglese  divertendoti


Vuoi imparare e praticare l’inglese in modo creativo e divertente? Questa è l’esperienza perfetta per te.

Una serie di laboratori stagionali in lingua per praticare l’inglese in compagnia e con creatività. Tutti i workshop del programma “Learning English Through the Seasons” saranno condotti da Sandra Perez, educatrice nativa americana, specializzata in comunicazioni.

“Portable Magic” – English Reading Club 

23 and 30 November, 7 and 14 December 2022 On Wednesdays from 18.00 to 20.00

Participants will build their critical reading and communication skills through guided and open discussions about a variety of famous English language short stories. The short stories will be selected and provided to participants in advance.

Each workshop will last 2-hours and meet twice a month.

English level: Minimum B1

“You talking to me?” – English through the Movies 

February-March 2023

Fall is the perfect time to cozy up with a good movie! In these classes, participants will watch, discuss and reenact famous movies and scenes to practice and improve their spoken and conversational English skills. They will be guided by Sandra Perez, a native English speaker and communications professional, on a journey through English and American culture, politics and art. Gatherings twice a month.

Each workshop will last 2-hours and meet twice a month. 

All English levels are welcome

Creative Writing Workshops 

April-May 2023

If you’re a natural storyteller or would like to explore your creative side, these are the workshops for you! Participants will be part of a series of creative writing workshops in which they will work on improving their storytelling skills. This is an optimal opportunity to boost your English writing and communication. By the end of the course, participants will have written at least two complete short stories, edited and received feedback.

English level: Minimum B2

Each workshop will last 2-hours and meet twice a month. 

NOTE: Participation in all workshops is required as they build on each other.


Sandra Perez

Workshops will be taught by Sandra Perez, native English speaker and communications professional.

Quanto costano i workshops di Learning English through the Seasons?

per ogni workshop

€ 25



  • Un incontro da due ore

  • Materiale didattico incluso

  • Non incluse €10 tesseramento (valido per un anno)

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