Across Generations at Eye Level: Ways to Integrate Seniors by Education

Learning with, from and about each other – and filling the ever-growing gap between Generation Z and seniors with the means of intergenerational learning (IGL) is the major vision of the project AGE:WISE (2020 – 2022)

Through intergenerational learning settings, the scope of action for all members of society can be increased and greater social integration, respect and encounters at eye level can be achieved. But more than just promoting IGL, we want to motivate the elderly to take on the role of teachers and provide them with the needed self-reflection skills and trainer tools to meet this goal.

Intergenerational Bridge: Connect to Create

Intergenerational Bridge: Connect to create is an Erasmus Plus Strategic Partnership in the field of Adult education coordinated by the Italian organization “EduVita”. The Consortium of the project is composed of 6 organizations working with elderly people from Italy, Slovenia, Poland, Turkey, Lithuania, Czech Republic.

Duration of the project: 24 months ( 30 October 2020 – 29th October 2022)

The surveys and the researches show that generation gap is a major problem of the society in Europe. Furthemore, most of the education and training systems in Europe are still mainly organized around the possibilities for young people, so the existing educational systems still don’t reflect enough the elderly people’ and adults educators’ needs.
Different generations should be connected in learning process for their mutual benefit, experience exchange and competencies sharing. Adult educators should be empowered with the tools and knowledge to organise the process of intergenerational exchange more effectively.
The AIM of the project is to improve project partner organisations’ potential in development of elderly people competences through empowering adult educators in intergenerational learning approach.


  1. to share good practices on intergenerational learning among project partners, through organisation of 2 international training/experience exchange meetings.
  2. To collect the best practices in the field of intergenerational learning.
  3. To develop the elderly people educators’ competences through organisation of the Training for adult educators on Intergenerational learning.
  4. To create new ideas of intergenerational learning activities and implement them in local communities


Direct target group: elderly people educators, adult educators from the NGOs, The Third Age Universities, foundations, associations
Indirect target groups: elderly people (55+), young people (16-30 years old)

The project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union