1. Coordinatore: EuroProfis, s.r.o. (Czech Republic)
  2. Associazione Culturale EduVita (Italy)
  3. FyG Consultores (Spain)
  4. EVTA (Belgium)

Project Aims

This project aims will provide the European educational landscape with an innovative non-academic basic education across generations’ cooperation, which will enable future participants to:

  • understand the specific educational needs, values, and attitudes across the generations’ cooperation
  • support the team diversity through the generations’ cooperation and sharing
  • prevent the burn-out syndrom by the experienced target group
  • work effectively with high potential workers


Our objective is to develop a complete educational methodology on how to work with all active generations and effectively connect their needs, skills and knowledge. Moreover, we aim to specify the different educational needs of all generations and provide the target groups with effective educational plans.

Target Group

We will focus on the following target groups:

  1. Employees (adults) – main benefits to be educated in the sphere of intergenerational cooperation
  2. Employers, entrepreneurs, industrial companies — because they require skilled people as employees or need to have the communication skills necessary to deal with clients across generations
  3. Educators, HR experts — to enable them to support their students in diversity, team cooperation and communication across generations
  4. Schools, educational centres, labour offices — to contribute to the connection between generations at the workplace by incorporating Across GEN into their educational plans and programmes
  5. Researchers from academic partners, Scientific community, Political and educational authorities, Decision makers from local, regional, national or international corporations – to implement the new methodology to national policies and strategies.