“Solving the intergenerational puzzle” is an Erasmus+ project which addresses the issue of the inclusion of adults into various non-formal educational activities, especially the inclusion of older adults aged 55+, by promoting intergenerational learning as a means of developing social, linguistic, digital and other skills of adults. Nowadays, the world changes swiftly, so adapting to the new ways of living, communicating and learning has become quite a challenge for adults as they age.


Project activities will contribute to the activation of adults to participate in intergenerational learning activities. It will promote the importance of life-long learning as well as the benefits of becoming or remaining active regardless of one’s age. Tools will be developed for use by individuals, teachers, adult educators and wider public to promote intergenerational learning. This project will strengthen cooperation of relevant organisations at the local, national and transnational level.


In this project, we will reach out to older adults (55+), collect their stories, categorise them in accordance with the topics and present them in a form of a booklet. The booklet will be a basis for developing tools to be used to improve and promote intergenerational learning activities for adults. Intergenerational workshops for adults aged 18 to 55+ will be organised where participants will be able to meet, communicate and develop their skills.



Before you are collections of stories recounted by people aged 55+ who live in four different European countries: Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Italy and Portugal. We asked 25 people from each country to talk about their lives and life experiences, discuss different topics.

We prepared a collection of stories from each country and added stories from other three countries, so that the reader can learn about the lives and the culture of people living in those countries as well.

All the stories were collected in the Erasmus+ project Solving the intergenerational puzzle INTER-PUZZLE.

We invite you to read the stories and discover all the similarities that connect us as well as all the attributes that make us unique.