Are you an adult education organisation aspiring to create a meaningful impact through your lifelong learning activities? Read on

As the demand for lifelong learning continues to grow, the need for empowering and upskilling adult educators and adult education professionals becomes increasingly fundamental. 

To address these evolving challenges, EduVita offers professional KA1 training courses designed to equip adult educators with the knowledge, tools, and strategies needed to deliver high-quality education and expand the organisation’s outreach.


Venue: Lecce, South of Italy

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Discover our courses:


Media, tools, and good practices for your online community.

Learn to use online communication effectively to grow your organisation’s visibility and foster positive social change.

This course is designed for board members, project managers, and adult educators who want and need to improve their digital communications skills to grow and connect with their online community.

You will learn how to use social media and online communication to stand for your mission, build an engaged community and grow your partnership network. You will feel more comfortable when creating and posting online content and master a variety of tools and good practices to use for your organisation’s goals.



Social Media Principles, Facebook, Instagram, Content Creation, Brand Identity, Engagement, Communication Strategy


A creative methodology to engage adult learners.

Master the step-by-step technique of digital storytelling as a tool for adult education, intergenerational learning, and impactful communication

This course is designed for adult educators, teachers, and adult education organisations who want to learn how to use digital storytelling with adult learners and how to create powerful digital stories for their organisation’s goals.

You will learn a step-by-step methodology to create digital stories, from the creative narration to the final video editing. You will explore how to adopt and adapt this educational tool for your adult learners as well as for your online communication. You will get to know video-making software and feel more comfortable using them in your daily professional practice.



Creative Storytelling, Digital Storytelling, Adult education tools, online communication, video making, video editing


Digital media and tools for your professional practice in education.

Discoveruseful digital tools and learn how to use them to deliver more engaging and interactive education.

This course is designed for teachers and educators who want to improve their digital skills and explore new digital tools that can be integrated into their professional life.You will get to know useful online applications and tools to implement in your educational practice, make it more engaging for your learners, and collaborate with your team. We’ll try out the tools in practice and create some educational materials during the course. By the end of the course, you will feel more comfortable when you use new technologies in your teaching practice.



Digital tools for education, Action Bound, Canva, Google tools

4. EduITA: Learn Italian! Experience Italy!

Italian Language and Culture Course (different levels)

Has the Italian dream always been on your mind? This course is for you! Six days diving into the Italian language and culture surrounded by the beauty of Lecce, Southern Italy. 

This course is designed for language teachers who want or need to improve their communicative and teaching skills by practicing Italian in native and local contexts through creative approaches. By the end of the course, you will become more comfortable in teaching Italian to non-native speakers using active and involving learning tools.

You will have the opportunity to boost your grammar and conversation skills while experiencing the authentic Italian cultural heritage and lifestyle. Moreover, as a teacher, you will expand your professional competencies by exploring innovative methodologies to include in your daily practice.


Learn Italian, Italian culture, authentic Italy, Italian grammar, speak Italian, experience Italy.


At EduVita, we offer professional training courses combining theoretical background with a variety of interactive and participative approaches, including art therapy and group work.

All our courses include cultural activities for exploring the cultural heritage of Salento (Southern Italy), connected to the topics and the goals of the course.
We adapt, shape, and design the content and the flow of the course taking into account the specific needs of the participants and their organisations.

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EduVita is a lifelong learning center in Lecce, Apulia (Italy), specialising in adult education, professional training, and intergenerational learning, at a local and international level.

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