We are calling for young (under 36) architects, engineers, urban planners, designers, graffiti artists and creative artists from all over the world to take up this innovative challenge by EduVita and Municipality of Caprarica di Lecce (Lecce-Italy).

The challenge of this competition is to re-interpret Antonio L.Verri’s vision through the modern language of tactical urbanism, by creating and implementing an urban project for the hometown of this poet and cultural operator from Salento.

The winning project will be awarded with a 10.000€ prize, which will be available as a fund for the realization of the submitted proposal in Caprarica di Lecce, Southern Italy. The winner/s or team of winners will have the opportunity to stay in Salento, while working on the implementation of their project.

The evaluation of the submitted proposals will take part in 2 phases. First, a panel of experts will choose the 10 most “tao-ctical” projects. Secondly, these ten proposals will be evaluated by the local community of Caprarica di Lecce on social media.

The deadline for submission is 30th November 2022. We invite all the participants to read carefully the competition brief and learn more about Antonio L.Verri and the contest’s vision.

Be creative and start envisioning your tao-ctical ideas now!

Submit your proposal and win 10.000 € to bring your creative project to life!

Download competition brief